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Software development

C++, Java, Objective-C

PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, etc.

Actionscript 3, AIR



Web design
Illustrator, etc.

Photoshop, etc.


Final Cut Pro, After Effect, Audacity, GarageBand, Melody Assistant 

Modeling 3D
3D Studio Max


Responsive Design

Touch Design

Mobile Interface




Drupal 8, Worpdress, E-majine 

Ajax, JQuery, KineticJS, AngularJS, Ionic 

Grunt, Gulp, Sass, Less, etc.. 



Ingénieur solution

  • Développement / Intégration
  • Drupal 8 
Laval Virtual

From September 2008 to date

Technical Project Manager in the association Laval Virtual, event organiser.


Laval Virtual is an association organising the annual event "Laval Virtual", first European event on Virtual Reality and Converging Technologies. In this framework, I am in charge of most of the technical elements of the non outsourceable organisation, and of providing, thanks to my multimedia know-how, several tools to facilitate the organisation and a added value to the experience of the participants of the event.

Developed missions : 

  • Realisation and maintenance of the different websites (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013)
  • Creation of multimedia communication supports (greeting card in Augmented Reality, Virtual Market application, etc...)
  • Online payment module
  • Creation of online and onsite registration systems
  • Creation of multimedia tools for the visit (interactive programmes, interactive plans)
  • Creation of an online tools for editing bills and facilitate the organisation
  • Creation of a system for facilitating contact between visitors and exhibitors via a bar code system on badges
  • Creation of a making appointments service
  • Montages and achievements of promotional video contents
  • Realisation of visual support for printing (magazines ads, posters, etc.)
  • Technical management of the ReVolution contest (mainly in relation with Japanese contacts)
  • Technical management of the Laval Virtual Awards contest and ceremony
  • Other multi-purposed tasks during the event (specific installation, hardware management, etc.).

From September 2012 to January 2013


Realisation of the mobile application MasterKizz.

The aim of the game is to create, share and answer some questionnaires (Kizz) whose particularity is that the list of answers to a question only appears after the statement of a second question. The interest is to use its memory in order to complete the Kizz as quickly as possible.

Each user can create its own questionnaires on topics of its choice and then share them with all users of the application or only its contacts.




August 2012


Realisation of the mobile application Bacoo!.

The goal is to find as quickly as possible an object, visible by all players, beginning with the random letter given by the application. This application allows the awakening to the spelling and the world around us. It is particularly popular with children during long car trips.


Download Bacoo!


From April to June 2011


Realisation of the website www.ecma-concept.fr




Virtual Market

July and August 2010


Realisation of the model of the application "Virtual Market".


In the framework of the SIAL (International Exhibition of Food Industry) in partnership with Laval Virtual, I realised a model of a virtual dietary market for touch screen.

The project, initiated by Mariela Reyes-Voirgard during her Virtual Engineering and Innovation Master, allows the users to compare different products according to their nutritional needs and provides advices to them. The application has been developed for touch screen and will be distributed in stores.

The project is currently being followed by the company Genius Mundi.


Professional Bachelor's Degree

From September 2008 to June 2009

2009 - Obtaining the Professional Bachelor’s Degree in Creation & Realisation of Multimedia Services & Products.


The CRMSP Professional Degree has been trained at the Technical University Institute of Laval (France) in part-time training with the association Laval Virtual.

Developed skills :

  • Ability to define contents
  • Expertise of formatting and disseminating products (computer science, communication...) 
  • Management of multimedia project
Gaudin Systèmes

From June to August 2008


Handling employment at the company Gaudin Systèmes, designing and realising production lines.

Through my experience in a previous job in the company and my language skills, I was commissioned to participate in the assembly of a production line in Wales (Bridgend) during 3 weeks.


From April to June 2008


As part of the Technical University Diploma in Computer Science - Digital Imaging, I made a training course of 2 months in the association AGISMED.


AGISMED is an association designed to prevent the dangers of doping in sport, educate and traine students in the field of Pharmacy. To this occasion, I participated in the creation of the software called "Doping" distributed in different Faculties of Pharmacy, with the purpose of training on known practices and risks of doping.

Technical University Diploma

From Septembre 2006 to June 2008


2008 - Obtaining a Technical University Diploma in Computer Science - Digital Imaging at the University of Auvergne (Le Puy en Velay (43) - France).


Developed skills :

  • Algorithmic development of graphic interfaces : C/C++, PHP, Java
  • Mathematical techniques used for digital imaging
  • Use of the graphic library OpenGL
  • Databases : MySQL
  • Networks
  • Communication (English and French)
  • Business management and IT project management
  • Learning methods and tools of production management software
  • Basic training in image editing software : Photoshop, 3D Studio Max
Gaudin Systèmes

From June to August 2007


Handling employment at the company Gaudin Systèmes, designing and realising production lines.


From October 2008 to January 2009


Realisation of the website www.evelyne-deco.fr






From September 2003 to June 2006

2006 - Obtaining a A-Level in Sciences - Specialty Mathematics with honours  (Notre Dame de Bonnes Nouvelles High School at Beaupréau (49 - France)).

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